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Our Products
We process Carbon, Alloy & Special Steels for custom made open die forgings upto 7 M.T.'s/piece. Our products are applied in forged, pre-machined and finish machined condition for Railways, Automobiles, Steel, Cement Plants, Power Plants, Oil and Gas Sector, Wind Energy, Construction & Mining, Material Hanlding, Aeronautics, Shops, Ports, Mechanical and General Engineering Applications. These Forgings are manufactured and certified as per International Standards : ASTM/BS/DIN/IS.

Shafts  & Bars Punched Discs Rings  & Flanges Blocks  & Squares
<= 500 mm Ø <= 1500 mm Ø <= 1500 mm Ø <= 500 mm 
<= 8000 mm L <= 450 mm H <= 350 mm H <= 450 mm H
<= 7000 Kgs <= 4000 Kgs <= 4000 Kgs <= 5000 Kgs

Crane Wheels Manufacturers Pinion Shaft Manufacturer
Wheel & Axle Assembly
(Pair for Loco, Modified)
Crane Wheels (dia. 200 – 600 mm) Pinion Shaft
Axle Manufacturer Ladle Trunnions Drive & Non Drive Wheels Manufacturer
Axle Ladle Trunnions Drive & Non Drive Wheels
Roller Manufacturer for Rolling Mills Drill Bits & Drill Rod Manufacturer for Blast Furnace Shafts Manufacturer
Rollers for Rolling Mills Drill Bits & Drill Rod
for Blast Furnace
Shafts (dia.90-500x7000 mm lg.)
Rings Solid Wheel Manufacturer Pinion Shaft Assembly
Rings (Tyre, dia 500mm-1200mm) Solid Wheel Pinion Shaft Assembly
Forged Rack Manufacturer Fish Plate For Rail Track Worm Gear Manufacturer
Forged Rack Fish Plate for Rail Track Worm Gear
Rope Drum Gear Blanks Manufacturer Forged Links Manufacturer
Rope Drum Gear Blanks Forged Links